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Plateau on phase 2

You can count on hitting 4 to 8 plateaus during your weight loss depending on how much you have to lose with at least one significant plateau typically occurs in the second half of the protocol that often lasts 4-6 days. This is normal and will resolve itself in time so don’t be alarmed when this occurs. These plateaus are just your body’s way of adjusting to the new composition. Some plateaus of this type can last a month so don’t be alarmed. Just stick with your diet plan and don’t panic.

Often you lose inches if not pounds, I recommend keeping a set of tight clothes to try on regularly to see if they are fitting better. This will help give you a better reference than just using a weight scale.

If you begin to gain weight (more than a few pounds) then you need to reevaluate things. Many people believe that there are such things a metabolic setpoints. These are like memories your body holds onto of where you maintained a weight in the past. For example, if you once spent a few years around 180 pounds, then your body retains a memory of this weight and will create a setpoint at this weight. It’s theorized that when you are losing weight and hit one of these metabolic setpoints, your weight loss may plateau or even stall at the setpoint in an attempt to maintain this weight again. But there is no concrete evidence to support this theory. So if there is any truth to it, you might use this info to prepare in advance for these points and up your diet regime at these setpoints to prevent a stall from happening.